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  • Mobile Home Investing Basics
  • Mobile Home Goals
  • Mobile Home History
  • Prospecting Mobile Homes
  • Purchasing Mobile Homes
  • Closing a Mobile Home
  • No Money Down Strategies
  • How to Wholesale a Mobile Home for Profit
  • Sample Contracts needed in Mobile Home Investing - presented by Mobile Home Attorney
  • Mobile Home Investing Asset Protection
  • Manufactured Home Dealer License info sheet for individual state
  • Fixing & Flipping the Rehab Guide
  • Mobile Home Handyman walk-through/interview
  • Interview with a seasoned Park Manager 
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What Our Students Are Saying

Meet Byron & Sharnice

The owners of Mobile Home Elite Investors, Byron Sellers & Sharnice Williams came into the mobile home business by fate. Their journey began on 3/3/2017. That was the day that Byron was fired from his job.
After he became unemployed he started driving for Lyft. During his time as a driver he began to listen to podcasts religiously. One day he stumbled on a podcast about mobile home investing. The podcast caught his attention and he sent it to the love of his life Sharnice. The podcast peaked her interest because it mentioned that you could invest with low money down and you didn't need great credit.
Shortly after listening to the podcast, Sharnice was laid off from her job at the Chicago Gas Company. In the midst of their financial hardships Byron’s car was repossessed, leaving him unable to drive for Lyft anymore. With their backs against the wall, they decided they had nothing to lose and took the leap of faith into being full time entrepreneurs. They took out a high interest loan of $10,000 at a 24% interest rate.
They then purchased 2 mobile homes that they found on Facebook for under $5,000 (one for $3,700 and one for $500). Less than a month later they flipped the homes for a profit of $19,500. Sharnice’s salary at her old job was $39,000 a year. Once she realized that she just made half of her previous annual salary in a month she was convinced that they were on the right path.
Since that first deal, her and Byron have flipped 100s of mobile home deals within the past 3 years and are now owners of 4 Mobile Home communities with more coming. Their goal is to become the largest African American mobile home park owners in America.
Throughout their journey of building an extensive mobile home portfolio. This couple has developed the top online educational platform to educate investors on the industry

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